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R.O.S.S. has always been at the forefront of ensuring that no Alabama citizen with a substance use disorder falls through the cracks. Join our Peer Educators for an immersive learning experience as we provide a curriculum to create a community of support for individuals’ recovery efforts and reduce the overdose death rate in Alabama.


This is the curriculum we offer –

  1. Understanding Substance Use and Opioid Use Disorder – Learn about the common misconceptions surrounding this chronic health condition.
  2. Understanding Overdose Prevention and Harm Reduction – Acquire life-saving information on overdose prevention and learn the principles of harm reduction.
  3. Understanding Stigma Surrounding Substance Use Disorder – Recognize the impact of stigma and the importance of using non stigmatizing language.


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– Three 30-minute fun and interactive education courses

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Substance use disorder is a chronic health condition just like diabetes and heart disease and should be treated as such. 

Early Childhood Trauma is one of the leading causes of substance use disorder.

Individuals in Alabama with a substance use disorder are plagued with the shame and guilt of having a substance use disorder due to stigma. 

Stigmatizing language has a negative connotation which causes an individual with a substance use disorder to appear less than human to the public.

There are ways to reduce the harm of substance use using love, compassion and understanding rather than judgement, punishment, and coercion.

Alabama citizens being educated on the signs of an overdose and how to reverse an overdose is the first step in minimizing the overall death rate in Alabama. 

Those citizens could in turn prevent the death of a family member, friend or citizen who then has a chance of going on to improve their quality of life. 

Every human being with this chronic health condition deserves to be treated with the same dignity and respect as everyone else.

Despite Medication-Assited Recovery being the most effective method to treat an opioid use disorder, there is negative perception of individuals utilizing this pathway of recovery.